SIN MAINSin Quirin is a two-time Grammy nominated guitar player from LA. Sin is a member of Ministry and a primary songwriter on the 2007 Ministry album The Last Sucker and 2013’s From Beer to Eternity.

In addition to his role in Ministry (co-writing credits on Ministry’s 2007 release The Last Sucker & 2013’s From Beer to Eternity and guitar on 2008’s Cover Up album) and primary writing credits for RevCo’s Sex-O Olympic-O and Got Cock?, Sin Quirin toured the U.S. and worked with DJ Hardware on the 2009 ReVamp tour. He has been Grammy nominated twice, both times with Ministry, the first for ‘Under my Thumb’ from Cover Up – 2008 and the second time around for ‘Señor Peligro’ from the live 2009 album Adios… Puta Madres.

In 2010, Sin joined Lords of Acid for Sextreme Ball 2010.

In 2011, it was announced that he would be joining American Head Charge

In 2012 Ministry toured the U.S. and Europe and Russia for the first time.

In 2015 Ministry embarked on their “From Beer To Eternatour” that took them to Australia, South Africa, South America, Mexico, the U.S. and Canada.



  • Society 1 – Exit Through Fear – 2003
  • Society 1 – The Sound that Ends Creation – 2005
  • Society 1 – The Years of Spiritual Dissent – 2006
  • Ministry – The Last Sucker −2007
  • Ministry And Co-Conspirators –Cover Up– 2008
  • Saw 4 Soundtrack
  • Saw 5 Soundtrack
  • Wicked Lake Soundtrack
  • NCIS Soundtrack
  • Revolting Cocks – Sex-O Olympic-O – 2009
  • Revolting Cocks – Got Cock? – 2010
  • Ministry – Relapse – 2012
  • Ministry – From Beer to Eternity – 2013

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  1. I am “Boning” up (pun intended) on your pages and various projects. Gonna re-post and advertise where and when I can, as winter is coming and will be indoors more. #Imasinslave If I relocate as planned back to Cali, I will “work” on the fly. Love you little Brother, Alisa PM my FB if you want

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