ALBUM REVIEW: Ministry’s “AmeriKKKant”


ARTIST: Ministry + ALBUM: AmeriKKKant + LABEL: Nuclear Blast + RELEASED: MAR 9, 2018

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Opening with a sample of Donald Trump, turntable scratches, and a cello riff, Ministry’s 14th studio album, AmeriKKKant, is both immediately familiar, yet unlike their most recent releases. Yes, founder and main man Al Jourgensen is well known for his political dissent, but what’s captured here on these nine songs doesn’t sound like the riff-centric material that dominated From Beer to Eternity (2013) and Relapse (2012). Further, where Jourgensen’s Bush Trilogy (Houses of the Mole, Rio Grande Blood, The Last Sucker) was focused on his contempt of then President George W. Bush, on AmeriKKKant he looks more broadly at the circumstances and socio-political context that brought Donald Trump to office.

Musically, Jourgensen and cohorts bring us something more…

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